A Few Reminders For Artists

  • Being a musician is not an excuse to be irresponsible or disorganized.
  • Music spreads through conversation and sharing.
  • The internet connects like-minded people, no matter how small the niche.
  • Managers can only work as hard as their artist.
  • The “average person” spends 40+ hours per week working.
  • You must give people a reason to listen to your music.
  • Social media is not a “necessary evil”. It is the best way to communicate with your fans.
  • Success = Preparation + Opportunity. Can you honestly say you’re preparing?
  • Do you have a story worth telling?
  • Focus on the key platforms that amplify your strengths – don’t try to do everything at once.
  • Press helps develop your story.
  • You are not entitled to paying gigs based on talent; you earn them as you build an audience.
  • Stop blaming record labels, other gatekeepers, or people who “just don’t get it”.
  • Don’t get lost somewhere in the middle; focus on the edges.
  • Fans love being acknowledged.
  • Managers are not assistants.
  • Transparent, authentic one-on-one interaction always win.
  • Real success comes from brave, painful, concentrated effort.

3 thoughts on “A Few Reminders For Artists

  1. The question about weather one has a story worth telling often frustrates me a little bit. very often it seems the only stories worth telling are ones of hardship and an awful childhood. I have none of those – certainly not the ladder. My childhood was fine and as an adult the only hardship I’ve ever encountered is difficulty making ends meet, which is completely ordinary. Who hasn’t has those kind of difficulties. I’ve maid my living as a piano player around the bars of Europe for many years. that’s the only thing I can think of that might be something a little out of the ordinary. What do you think? Is that the kind of story I should focus on?

    • Thanks for these great thoughts. I don’t think the “story” needs to be quite as literal. If you look at music blogs, for instance, you need to shape yourself and your music as “newsworthy”, to some degree, as they are basically news channels for music. The story doesn’t need be as literal as “here is my background”, but can be something a bit more lively and ongoing. In your case, perhaps you film some of your experiences traveling and playing in bars around Europe capturing your experiences, people you meet, their reactions to your music, etc. Also, the story does not need to be completely concrete, but moreso something to keep in mind long-term as you release new music consistently over time. Connecting the dots between each release into something larger than each single piece of music is always great when done well.

      • That’s what I should have done … Film it. I don’t travel like that anymore.
        Family life has made me narrow it down to the bars around Denmark 😉 but I guess it still applies 🙂 and thank you for your answer – it was very helpful.

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