The Power of Focus and the Danger of Expansion

A common reason small businesses fail is premature expansion. Expansion is dangerous until you have an infrastructure so solid that you are truly confident in your business model, and have proven success. For example, a local barber shop may have a single location for a few years before opening its second shop. This is because those first few years are an ongoing learning period to develop systems, and generally figure out what works and what doesn’t, for their specific company. Then, and only then, will they expand.

An artist is no different. If you start your band by making a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and official website, while having shirts made, contacting blogs, filming music videos, recording, and booking live shows, there is absolutely zero chance you will be devoting enough time to any of those things for them to become a sturdy platform to launch from. It will hurt you in the end.

As an alternative, consider focusing on one or two aspects, and become the best in the world at them. Begin by identifying which of those fields represent the project best. Next, identify the key platforms, on or offline, that will amplify these fields. Finally, very gradually and only once results begin to shine, start adding new elements to the scope of your work.

Master one piece at a time, and slowly build your project, rather than throwing everything out there and seeing what sticks.



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6 thoughts on “The Power of Focus and the Danger of Expansion

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