Jack Dorsey: Advice To Innovators

Those who have worked with me closely know that I draw artist development inspiration from the tech/digital space. Jack Dorsey, creator of both Twitter and Square, is an idol of mine. I just came across this fantastic video where he shares his “advice for innovators”. As always, artists can [should] compare themselves to entrepreneurs, creating and shipping ideas into the world.

Here’s the video, and five key quotes/lessons:

1) Never feel like you’ve made it. Constantly innovate, push yourself and raise the bar.

2) The absolute hardest thing to do is start. Get the idea out of your head. Draw it out, make it or create it, and then talk about it with someone.

3) At the end of the day, you can only rely on constantly bettering yourself.

4) Biggest mistake: lack of focus on data. Speculating on what’s happening creates debate; data tells you what’s actually happening and how to act.

5) Everyone has an idea, but it’s about executing, building and attracting people to your idea. That is the biggest challenge.





2 thoughts on “Jack Dorsey: Advice To Innovators

  1. this is invaluable advice for an artist, thank you. # 4 is tricky for me; data can crowd out faith. yes, pay attention to results because results tell you what works … but don’t be afraid to try something new. tony

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