Megan’s Pick: Rhye – “Woman”


Artist: Rhye

Album: Woman

Genre: Neo-Soul / Electronic

Label: Loma Vista (US) | Polydor (UK)

Key Tracks: “Open”, “The Fall”, “Verse”

Release Date: March 5 (US) | March 4 (UK)

No matter how much new music I’ve discovered over the past month, I find myself always coming back to this album. This Los Angeles duo’s debut album has taken the music blogosphere by storm, and has won over my heart in the process.

Though many have mistaken the lead vocalist as a female, more specifically as someone like Sade, Rhye is in fact a collaboration of two men: Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal. While neither Milosh nor Hannibal is native to the U.S, the duo is currently based out of Los Angeles. Milosh is known as a Canadian electronic musician and cellist who has previously released a few solo albums, and Robin Hannibal was the Danish electro-producer behind the music of Quadron. So it comes as no surprise that the collaboration has garnered nothing but great reviews.

The most interesting thing about Rhye? When their music first started appearing on the internet, nobody had any idea who was behind the music. Milosh and Hannibal wanted to keep a hint of mystery and anonymity. According to Milosh, they did so because they “want[ed] people to just hear the music and form their own experience with it. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.”

Though they just finished up a tour to support their debut album, they will play a sold out show at the El Rey in Los Angeles May 10th and, hopefully, there will be a lot more of Milosh and Hannibal appearing, no longer anonymously, in the near future.

For now, you can check out their live rendition of “Open” on KCRW, released this past Wednesday, April 17th.  Hopefully you’ll fall in love with them as fast and as hard as I have.

– Megan

Find Rhye online: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud  // Spotify


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