Prioritizing the Minutia

Red help buttonDetermining what, when and how to release something is often the most difficult internal process for an artist. Between singles, EPs, music videos, cover songs, websites, live videos, photos, albums, remixes and more, the options are limitless, and therefore terrifying. While releasing content consistently is critical for visibility, I would argue that the seemingly insignificant, day-to-day output (tweets, instagram photos, status updates, etc.) is just as important, if not even more so.

The reason your day-to-day actions are so valuable is that those actions are what position you in peoples’ minds. They help shape the perception of your project to the viewer/fan/audience, and that perception will serve as the foundation – and make or break – that new single you’re releasing. If your music is perceived as valuable, because you have taken the unbearably gradual process of developing trust within a focused community, then you can honestly say you’re giving it your best shot. Otherwise, you’re doing a disservice to all the people in the world waiting to delight in your art.

Think about friendship. Friendships don’t happen instantly; they gradually develop. Trust is the key element of friendship. Reputation is the same; a reputation goes hand-in-hand with trust. Your musical project is no different – it is simply a matter of enhancing a reputation and a friendship, but with a community rather than an individual. Your day-to-day actions will drive this fan relationship much more than your new video will.

If you don’t prioritize the minutia, your big release will not go as well as you’d hoped.



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5 thoughts on “Prioritizing the Minutia

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