Making the Choice: Online or Offline?

This blog post came via the “Request a Topic” tab on my blog. Below is the great message I received, followed by my response:

“I’m in a brand new band, and am really excited about what we’re doing. We’re talking to each other now, and one band member thinks we should focus solely on our internet presence, but I think we should focus on sounding amazing and playing live as much as possible. Which do you think is the better way to go?”Social-Media

In a band setting specifically, it’s always challenging to deal with varying opinions and personalities. It’s common for leadership to drown in collective conversation, as people wait for someone else to step up and give direction to the project’s aim. Conversation between band members like this is absolutely great, but problems arise when it becomes a “let’s do this or that” discussion. The answer isn’t to pick between the two, it’s to do both. And not just both, but both with a focused strategy that ensures each half fuels the other half. There are two things to learn from here.

RepetitionConsistencyFirst, your online and offline strategy must be intertwined. Once you book a gig, focus obsessively on your daily social media actions to ensure that they’re embedding the voice, look and feel of your group into a network of potential fans. Just as you develop songwriting skills by consistent writing, you develop your identity through repetition and consistency.

This process is so gradual that most get discouraged and give up. But if not, you will have a higher level of awareness, which will serve as your platform when you promote your upcoming show.

Second, I would recommend working backwards, by asking yourself big-picture questions:

  • What do we want to highlight? Which social media channel(s) will highlight this?
  • Who and where are the people who generally like our genre of music (both on and offline)?
  • What’s our budget? Are we willing to invest money into the band?
  • Who is going to be in charge of running our social media?
  • Who is going to be in charge of booking our shows?
  • What is the voice, look and feel we want to represent?
  • How can we capture our live show, and direct the people in the venue audience back online?
  • How can we capture awareness, loyalty, and trust online and direct it back to our live shows?

After answering those questions, you should have a much better picture of what you need to do. Having your on and offline actions constantly fuel eachother, all within a focused, big-picture setting, will ultimately best position you for success.

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