Nothing To Lose

In the music business, more than nearly any industry, business executives seem to often be viewed as their own form of celebrity. It’s understandable, too. Big-time managers, label executives and A&R people are in a close circle with some of the most successful and popular icons in the world. The glamour of the entertainment industry amplifies their status, too. These are some of the busiest and hardest-working people out there, often doing amazing work that deserves endless praise.

While this is true, it easily becomes very discouraging and plain scary for artists trying to reach out to these people. I’ve heard Bungee Jumpcountless artists talk about they would kill to meet someone, but have no idea how to reach them. But I have also heard countless artists talk about how they met their hero, or someone who catapulted their career, because they simply reached out to them and treated them as people (note: they are, in fact, people).

If you want to meet someone, it doesn’t help to sit and think about how amazing it would be if you met them. What does help, though, is taking the first step and reaching out to them. The vast majority of people I meet in the music industry come from me emailing them out of the blue. If you remember that these are regular people who have favorite books, late-night pizza spots, movies, and get excited to leave work to spend time with their kids, they become much more approachable in your head.

If you take some time to make a list of people you want to meet, find their email address online, and just send them a short, friendly note about why you want to meet them, I think you’d be surprised by the results. And the most beautiful part is that, if you don’t get a response, you’re in exactly the same situation you were in before you tried – there is literally nothing to lose.


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