A Body of Work

When hiring a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, or any other creative service, nobody asks them to interview for the job. Instead, they ask for an online portfolio of some kind, to immediately see their current footprint, both artistically and professionally. If the creative can’t provide anything for you to see, it becomes almost impossible to care about their work, no matter how passionate or dedicated they are.

This is a rare situation, though. Almost all of the time, any of these people are happy to share their portfolio with you, even if some of the material is old or doesn’t fully represent their current capabilities. The accumulated body of work is more important than everything being perfect.

I think it would be beneficial for artists to adopt this same mentality. A lot of artists do just the opposite of this; they wait (sometimes months or years) until they have a small amount of perfect material. Then, when they release this material, it goes unnoticed because they hadn’t gone through the gradual but worthwhile process of building up their body of work and therefore their name.

Without any name recognition, and no accumulated body of work, it is very difficult for even your best piece of music to make an impact.



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6 thoughts on “A Body of Work

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Growing up in public is an incredibly useful tool for anyone in all creative avenues. It’s understandable that an artist only wants to share what he/she deems acceptable to the public, but everyone likes to be able to say they discovered someone before they made it big. Plus talking about someone’s early or unreleased material gives us comforting sense of superiority, and no one can deny they like that!

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