Exponential Habit and Fear

Exponential growth happens when the amount being added to a system is proportional to the amount already present. In other words, growth is rapidly building upon itself, and the larger the system becomes, the larger the continual increase. Exponential decay is the reverse of this.

While these concepts might initially overwhelm or seem irrelevant to artists, it’s worth considering them in a different, more personal context.


Are personal habits an example of exponential growth? I think so. Habits are building blocks of progress, both personally and professionally. You start small, and as you get one habit under your belt, your range of both discipline and personal potential rapidly increases. The umbrella of possibility extends, and real progress can be made. But the tricky part about habits is that you can’t fool yourself – there’s no quick fix. Luckily, though, habits are stairs – the further up you go, the more easy it becomes to disconnect from whatever was keeping you on the ground.


Fear, on the other hand, serves as an example of exponential decay. Everyone can think of a time when approaching was something they were nervous about. Thinking about that scary thing never helps. Instead, it makes it much worse, very rapidly. Fear builds on itself exponentially.

It’s worth taking the time to thoroughly examine the direction in which you’re exponentially moving. Pinpoint the specific areas where positive habit is developing , and find those areas where fear is driving you towards decay. The more you can expand habit, and shelve fear, the better.


Fear Of?

4 Steps To Building a Habit


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