Why Should We Care?

No matter what you create, good or bad, it will be amplified online. This does not only happen in extreme cases (viral videos, etc). This happens 100% of the time with everything you release, even (and especially) when the response is average.

An average response is worse than a bad one, because you quickly learn from a bad response. An average response, on the other hand, is just enough to give you an excuse to avoid the brutal work it takes to grow.

When someone tweets about an employee keeping them on hold for 30 minutes, their bad customer service is being amplified. When you pin a photo of your favorite Starbucks drink on Pinterest, you’re amplifying their great drinks. When you tell a friend about the great live show you saw the other night, the band’s live show is being amplified.

What is currently being amplified of yours? Is it mediocrity? What stands out? What is worth remembering?

Why should we care?



1) Amplification

2) Build, Measure, Learn


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