Build, Measure, Learn

Some people have asked me to build on what I discussed in my last post, specifically when it comes to feedback.

Rather than try to come up with my own creative guideline, I think the “Build, Measure, Learn” model from Eric Ries will do the trick.


Create something and release it.


Determine your goals – both quantitative and qualitative – and then decide the best ways to measure them. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube channel data, etc., are all good. Data doesn’t lie. But even simple intuition – studying your friends’ reactions, and watching how your songs spread through social media pages – is helpful.

Build Measure Learn


Listen closely. See how your friends respond when you play your music for them. Friends and family will often lie to be supportive. Usually the best way to tell if someone truly loves your work is if they share it with someone else. Study where your music goes once it’s released. Study which songs people like the most, and figure out why they like them. You’ll start to see patterns if you’re truly looking. The longer you do this, the more well-received your songs will be. You’ll grow as a songwriter and artist, and you’ll quickly identify your audience.

It takes a lot of effort and courage to release music. You owe it to yourself to not stop there.


4 thoughts on “Build, Measure, Learn

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