Stop Being Scared – Release Your Music

Releasing music is scary. Every artist, understandably, wants the music they release to be both well received and an accurate representation of their ability. Deciding to pull the trigger and release something is hard. What if it’s not your best work?

I believe that, subconsciously, a lot of artists are just plain scared to hear negative feedback and fall flat on their face. If you listen closely to most new artists, you’ll hear them comparing themselves to other artists, blaming their producer, re-writing lyrics, overdubbing tracks, trying new arrangements, or needing more rehearsal time, before having a final product ready to launch.


Of course, this is all complete and total crap. To the scared artist, a song is better when it’s private, hidden, and safe. When nobody has told them they don’t like it.

Do not ever be one of these artists. If you are releasing your first collection of songs, the amount riding on the release is very small. When Lady Gaga releases an album, it needs to be perfect, because there are millions of people waiting to hear and talk about it.

If you’re releasing your first songs, the only thing that matters is using this as a tool to develop.

This is what you need to do:

  • Put yourself out there (imperfections and all)
  • Listen acutely to feedback
  • Learn from feedback
  • Gradually identify who your true fans are
  • Keep writing, with this feedback and your audience in mind

If this first release is the only release of your career, go ahead and make it perfect. But assuming that’s not the case, then just stop being scared. You are only hurting yourself. Put yourself out there and learn as you go.


4 thoughts on “Stop Being Scared – Release Your Music

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