Artists as Platforms: Act Like Instagram

If you look at some of the most popular social media channels today – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – the key element that makes each of these what they are is the fact that, on their own, they are useless. What they do is provide a functional framework, and then turn their users into the content-creators. Tangibly, what really is Instagram?

  • Traditional sites were based on the user checking out the website, and digesting whatever content the company thought was important for them to receive.
  • Today, the website is a platform, the user creates the website’s content, and then that same user shares their creation with their friends, roping in new users.


Once the content is shared, the friend receiving this content often does two things:

  1. Signs up, to avoid missing out on the cool new program their friend is using.
  2. Makes his/her own piece of content, and then shares that creation with a new friend.

And then the cycle continues. Notice that once the framework is in place, the company sits back and allows the users to spread the word for them.

If artists acted this way, their odds of success would skyrocket.

The specific application will vary depending on the artist/band, but this idea of bringing your fans into the content creation process can apply to your website, live show, and merchandise, and is worth considering before the next big move you make.


2 thoughts on “Artists as Platforms: Act Like Instagram

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