Qualitative vs Quantitative Goals

Because we’re not robots, few people feel a sense of reward from measuring their goals by data alone. At the same time, without some sort of measurable unit, it’s difficult to truly monitor progress.

Whether your goal is in songwriting, social media, developing your live show or anything else, it helps to break your goals down into qualitative and quantitive categories.

QUALITATIVE GOALS: Goals that are felt rather than measured

QUANTITATIVE GOALS: Goals that are measured rather than felt

To cover the most ground and increase focus, start with a few key qualitative goals, and then use quantitative units to measure those qualitative feelings.

Here’s an example:

I. Be More Active Online

  1. Tweet 3+ times daily. Two of those three must tag someone else in your message.
  2. Create a blog and make 6+ posts/month
  3. Post two new pieces of photo or video content on my Facebook page every week.

II. Write Better Songs

  1. Write one bad song every day.
  2. Co-write with one writer I respect every week.
  3. Record everything I write.

III. Get More Press

  1. Create one spreadsheet with 50+ media outlets my music can identify with
  2. Send a personalized email to each, mentioning a recent article they wrote that you liked.
  3. Follow up one week later to those you do not hear back from.
  4. Create one spreadsheet with an organized record of all responses and non-responses. 

If you take the time to support qualitative feelings with quantitative measurements, it will cover more ground and ultimately help you succeed.


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