The Icarus Deception: 10 Lessons For Artists

I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10, but below are several of my favorite quotes from Seth Godin’s fantastic new book The Icarus Deception.

  • We assume that what makes us comfortable also makes us safe.
  • Art is an attitude, available to anyone who chooses to adopt it.
  • There isn’t a pain-free way to achieve your goals.
  • The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind.
  • The scarce resources today are attention and trust, not shelf space. People want your humanity, not your discounts.
  • An artist can say, “Here, I made this.”
  • A little more emotional labor is often worth a lot.
  • What matters is how much people will miss you if you aren’t back tomorrow.
  • Rejection says something about the critic, but not about you.
  • Six Daily Habits For Artists:

– Sit alone; sit quietly
– Learn something new
– Ask individuals for bold feedback; ignore what you hear from the crowd
– Spend time encouraging other artists
– Teach, with the intent of making change
– Ship something that you created

  •  Habits of a Successful Artist:

– Learn to sell what you’ve made
– Write daily
– Fail often
– See the world as it is
– Connect others
– Lead a tribe

  • Art is a leap into the void, a chance to make magic where there was no magic before. You are capable of this. The very fact that it might not work is precisely why you should and must do this. What a gift that there isn’t a sure thing.
  • Without understanding the realities and points of view of all the players involved (in your industry), the artist willingly becomes a helpless pawn.
  • Understand that it’s a choice.

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