Doing It Yourself vs. Finding An Excuse

In today’s age of “DIY”, musicians still seem to not actually want to do it themselves.

It is much easier (i.e. takes less effort and thought) for a musician to talk (usually to other musicians sharing a similar situation) about how evil record labels are, or about a local promoter who expected them to bring people to their own show, than it is to do any of the below things that will have a direct impact on their career:

  • Register with a PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.)
  • Create a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account
  • Copyright songs with the Copyright Office
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop, even if you’re terrible at everything after the basics
  • Read the amazing TuneCore blog
  • Watch these helpful videos from Artists House Music
  • Understand the difference between booking agents and managers
  • Read books about the music industry, even only a few specific chapters

It seems to be, in other industries, very common for those who are honing their craft to be knowledgable of the industry they are aspiring to join.

I mean, do you really think any successful DIY artist didn’t take the time to learn how the music industry works?

Thanks to the internet, there is no excuse for musicians/artists to be absolutely clueless of the industry they are trying so hard to break into.

Musicians, however, almost intrinsically seem to rely on the NEGATIVE stereotype surrounding their profession (i.e. that musicians are lazy, irresponsible, uninformed, etc.) as an excuse to avoid putting in the effort it takes to “Do It Yourself” like they are consistently advocating for.


7 thoughts on “Doing It Yourself vs. Finding An Excuse

  1. my record label dumped me after 2 years of stealing everything i ever had. i had virtually no support or control, simply a guinea pig for their business practices , and when nothing turned out i was wrothless. im getting back on my feet but record labels are defintiely evil

    • Hi Juan,

      Really sorry to hear about that experience. The point of this post, though, is to focus on how musicians now have the ability to learn about, and therefore increase their odds of success, in the music industry. Not so much to support labels.


      • thanks ethan. that’s exactly what i did after what had happened to me; i made sure that i would never be clueless while navigating my way in the business again. i am finally off food stanmps and starting to garner good media with my current manager. in hindsight, it was a blessing. have a good day.

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