Screaming At Your Fans

If you are an artist or band, go to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and mailing list, right now.

Look at your posting history.

Are you only writing to your fans when you want something from them?

“Come to our show!”

“Buy our album!”

“Watch this video!”

“Sign up for this!”

“Listen here!”

“Read this article about us!”

“Click here!”

“Send this link to your friends!”

“Vote for us!”

Stop doing that. Please. The best way to “market” yourself is to build human connections with like-minded people (your fans). Once built, use these connections as a platform to grow together WITH them. Bring them into your world. Make them feel a sense of ownership.

They are in this with you.

People are much more likely to buy, watch, vote for, and share the music of something they are a part of than they will for someone who is just constantly screaming at them.


2 thoughts on “Screaming At Your Fans

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