Stop Stealing Dreams

Just finished the amazing e-book “Stop Stealing Dreams”, which is all about issues with our education system and what our colleges (and world) need more (and less) of.

I think every parent should READ THIS.

My favorite piece of the book – worth sharing:

When we teach a child to make good decisions, we benefit from a lifetime of  good decisions.

When we teach a child to love to learn, the amount of learning will become limitless.

When we teach a child to deal with a changing world, she will never become obsolete.
When we are brave enough to teach a child to question authority, even ours, we insulate ourselves from those who would use their authority to work against each of us.
And when we give students the desire to make things, even choices, we create a 
world filled with makers.

2 thoughts on “Stop Stealing Dreams

  1. wow – Ethan – those are fabulous words to live by. as a parent, there’s such a fine line between helping your child and enabling your child. my belief is that the ultimate goal of a parent is to teach your child to be independent while you’re here with them, so that they may be independent when you’re no longer here. thank you for sharing those wise words of wisdom….

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