Fear of…?

I strongly think that the only reason people don’t put their music, ideas, or themselves out there fully is because of some sort of fear. This fear seems to always be in the back of some peoples’ minds, subtly telling them they aren’t ready yet.

What if:

– you don’t get as many downloads as you wanted?

– your Facebook or Twitter numbers don’t go up?

– your email subscribers don’t increase?

– the guitarist you’ve been hoping to play with doesn’t like your music?

– the audition goes badly?

– people don’t think the production quality is good enough?

– people don’t think your voice is as good as someone else’s?

– nobody likes it at all?

You need to start changing “What if” to “What happens if”. Once you make that change, you’ll begin to realize that the answer is always simply that you learn more about your fans, target audience, yourself, and your own work. Once you start gathering this information, you then have the amazing opportunity to consistently grow, write, and adjust until you’re satisfied.

If you don’t put yourself out there and get this feedback, you will keep waiting for that perfect song or perfect time to truly push yourself out there into the public, and by then it will definitely be too late.


5 thoughts on “Fear of…?

  1. I really needed to hear this at this point in time! I’m preparing to release some of my music for the first time, and creating a website; and fear of “what ifs” threaten to hold me back on both. So thanks for this.

    • Hey Galen – that’s so great to hear. Glad this helps in the slightest way. Definitely don’t stop, and just make sure you’re aggressively seeking feedback AFTER the website and music are released so you can continually learn and make the next release even better. You’ll be much happier you released it and learned from it then you will just keeping it all to yourself.

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